Facilitation is the art of letting what wants to happen, happen. It requires the ability to follow process in a guided, purposeful, confident and honest way.

My workshops and programmes combine deep engagement and light-hearted play, expanding awareness, and self-knowledge at a personal and group level.


"I feel, kind of, invincible to be honest and empowered.
The creative activities adorn my walls and my mind."

Actor, Presenter and workshop attendee, Pennines

Water Lily

Workshops and Events

Serious Play: A Creative Way for Our Time

Online group workshop with Hawkwood  Centre for Future Thinking

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How can you focus on what really makes your heart sing? How does doing that move you closer to your life work and purpose? In living creatively you will be able to bring more of your talents to bear, more daringly, and more often in your day to day life!

  • Get closer to the creative thread running through your life

  • Appreciate your gifts and develop your creative practice

  • Bring more of your talents to the world​

Participants will get

  • A deeper appreciation for your creative gifts and how to use them

  • Meaningful, healing activities to help you claim your birth right to be creative

  • An appreciation of creative blocks and constraints in the light of their meaning and creative purpose


Next course dates tbc. Watch this space!

Creative Change Programme

One to one programme

The Creative Change Programme is a  eight, ten or twelve week programme tailored to your needs and unique life path. This programme will help you to explore your creative response to everyday challenges, encourage you in the projects you love and make you an agent of change in your own endeavours. 

Through weekly coaching and creativity sessions, you will work closely with Helen on the presenting aspects of your life, in structured yet emergent programme that is unique to you. 

“It was really good and I gained much more from it than I thought I would. It’s led to a lot of reflection. It can be applied to many educational settings. "

Senior Lecturer and workshop attendee, Buckinghamshire

Why do I work with creativity?

"It helped to crystallise some ideas I'd been having but hadn't put together coherently.

I thoroughly enjoyed the taster session and found it gentle and illuminating. There was no judgement just an exploration of ideas and approaches to creativity."

Osteopath and Artist, workshop attendee, North Yorkshire