• Helen Tyrrell

Creative Activism?

Ah activism! What is it to you? Attacking? Effective? Divisive? Healing? It probably all depends which side of the issue you are on – and that is a main feature of activism – it needs sides.

Activism requires that we take action - that we do something. It is rooted in the here and now and, at its simplest, is a way of effecting change. While a baying mob is quite terrifying, activism at an individual level is highly important and powerful. Think of Rosa Parks on the bus in 1955. Think of Greta Thunberg outside the Swedish Parliament in 2019. Or my current favourite – the Bristol women marrying trees in order to prevent them from being cut down earlier this year.

Any act that puts the individual on the line – where an individual acts from the heart – simply, passionately and stoically, has the power to cut the Gordian knot of politics and bring the human element in. How we do this is crucial. How can we stay close to our own cherished values and still listen to the ‘other side?’

Who is this ‘other side’ anyway and how do we need it?

What is trying to emerge from that energetic opposition?

Might it – even - be a source of deep creativity?

Join us in February 2022 for a four part workshop, where, using gentle, artistic interventions, we will hold the subject lightly –letting some light in – and discover what it all means for you.

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Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash

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