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Hi! I’m Helen!

I’m a creative change coach.

I help people explore the creative potential in their challenges and bring more of their gifts to the world


What is life is asking of you, right now?

How can you respond creatively, stepping out of well-worn ways and patterns, and towards fulfilling your deeper potential? What important messages are hidden in your challenges? How can you make friends with them and use them for change?

"Helen's coaching has cultivated a clarity and confidence in my work that is most significant. A combination of valuing myself and my expertise, backed up with practical tools to be effective and discern what works for me and the world, has resulted in an increased sense of empowerment and ability to enjoy the projects I work with." 
Mentor, Evaluator, Trainer for Community and Ecological Resilience, Wales

What is coaching?

Coaching is a gentle and powerful way to take steps towards realising your deep potential, uncovering your most powerful resources and strengths, and exploring the deeper meaning behind your life patterns. It focusses on empowerment in the here-and-now, and is future- looking. Although the past may also come in, unlike in therapy, it’s not where we dwell.

Whatever your circumstances, creative answers to your challenges are within you. Through coaching you invite these answers to enter your awareness, and empower yourself to step forward with greater courage, conviction and joy in your life and work.

“ Very often, we wait until life forces us to change and grow, when suddenly we find the old ways no are longer working for us. Yet the invitation to live more true to ourselves and more creatively is there for all of us, all the time.“

Why choose coaching?

If you wish to be more authentic and more effective, then exploring the creative tension between your reality and your dreams with a coach is a great place to start .Hidden in that tension are un-thought of solutions that have the capacity to surprise. The invitation to evolve creatively according to your own nature is ever present and the existence of tensions, confusion or disturbances in your life is a strong indicator that you are ready to evolve into the next stage of your life. Coaching will help you work creatively with your talents, wishes and circumstances so as to curate the future that you wish for. and provide your unique service to the world.

Why choose me?

I have a deep interest in what is presenting in each session as a source of valuable information. I use active listening, trusting and following your process, and offer gentle tools to unstick and unblock where needed.  I sometimes bring Process Oriented Psychology to call on greater awareness, inviting in the marginal, the body, disturbances, dreams, symptoms and the environment  where appropriate,  as active messengers of insight. I have a strong conviction that you are important and that the work undertaken in coaching is important, healing and creative, not just for you, but for the world. For my qualifications, please visit 'about me'. 

Got some questions?

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"I found the sessions with Helen very deep and transformative."

Human Resources Manager, Scotland

Coaching options

Single session 

A powerful glimpse into what is going on for you right now and  how you might work with that creatively.

  • 75-90 minutes online or face to face, or

  • 2-3 hour deep dive face to face

One-to-one programmes

Give yourself the spacious support for significant, sustained change over time and watch how the changes you make impact your environment and yourself.​

  • 4 sessions delivered over 4 to 12 weeks.

  • 6 sessions delivered over 6 or 18 weeks

  • 8 sessions delivered over 8 to 24 weeks

  • Or create your own package

Group workshops

Journey into change with the creative support of a small group in an online or face to face workshop setting.  Add in one-to-one coaching for deep, personalised support along the way. Courses run regularly online and in person,

To find out more about any of these

"I felt like parts of me I often ignore were opened up."

Business owner, Lake District


I live near Wantage in South Oxfordshire, England

My email address is

Or call me on+44 (0) 7824 698467

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