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Hi! I’m Helen! I'm a Creative Change Coach. 
I help people explore the creative potential in their challenges and bring more
of their gifts to the world.

"Helen's coaching has cultivated a clarity and confidence in my work that is most significant. A combination of valuing myself and my expertise, backed up with practical tools to be effective and discern what works for me and the world, has resulted in an increased sense of empowerment and ability to enjoy the projects I work with." 
Mentor, Evaluator, Trainer for Community and Ecological Resilience, Wales

Whatever stage of life you are at, coaching will afford you space for reflection and self inquiry, tapping into the deep genius at work behind your inner dreams and outer circumstances, for your highest development.

"I found the sessions with Helen very deep and transformative."

Human Resources Manager, Scotland

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What is coaching?
Coaching offers a space for deep reflection, and connection to yourself and your strengths, enabling you to respond creatively, confidently and skilfully to your outer circumstances, whatever your stage of life.  The magic is in the deep listening space that coaching is based on, alongside the use of powerful exercises to shift any stuck mindset. Being present and future-oriented coaching is a positive and empowering practice designed to connect you to your inner truth, your talents and your joy.
How is it delivered?
Before any coaching takes place, I offer a free, no obligation, 30 minute 'discovery' call for us to get acquainted and to answer any questions you have about coaching. After this, if you choose to go ahead,  sessions are delivered online or face-to-face. Online sessions last between 60-75 minutes and face-to-face sessions anywhere between 1 hour and a longer 3 hour deep dive, depending on what feels right for you. Booking a set of sessions is the recommended way get the most out of the experience and to support yourself over a sustained period, but each person's requirements are unique so I do not insist on anyone booking a minimum number of sessions. 

What does it cost?
It costs £60 per 60-75 minute session, with longer sessions scaled accordingly. I offer a 10% discount to anyone booking and prepaying a set of 5 or more sessions.. Embarking on an individual (or group) structured creative change programme will have its own fee. For programmes see the events page on this website. 

"I felt like parts of me I often ignore were opened up. I actually gained some insight while doing the free fall writing! It left me feeling happy and inspired."

Business owner, Lake District


I'm based in South Oxfordshire.

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Or call me on+44 (0) 7824 698467

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