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My coaching practice today has grown out of my own explorations and need to find creative meaning in challenge and make sense of life. This  led me to do an MSc in Sustainability, Jungian Psychoanalysis, certificates in Process-Oriented Psychology and, finally, a Diploma in Professional Coaching. Much of this exploration took place during my dozen years, or so, working in the Sustainable Business sector and before that I was an artist and mother.

My long-standing interest in art and creativity cuts through all of this.  I find that cultivating a creative mindset can be helpful in inviting in positive change. I also find that troublesome problems – the bits that don’t ‘fit’ - are often messengers of potential creative solutions, if only we can listen to them more deeply.

What I love most about coaching is the way it engages people with what is presenting; the way it makes us notice and appreciate what might otherwise be overlooked, marginalised, or missed entirely, and explore its potentially valuable contribution. I love the way coaching opens a deep, listening space, for people from all walks of life to get to know and appreciate themselves, and to begin to make the changes they would like to make

My background and coaching practice

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About me: List

Selected  studies

  • Accredited Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching. Wise Goose Coaching.

  • MSc Sustainability and Responsibility, Ashridge Business School

  • Jungian Psychotherapy, personal analysis 200+ hours 2008-2014

  • Various Jungian Lectures,  Guild of Analytical Psychology; Oxford Jungian Lectures, 2009-2021

  • The Body, Psychotherapy and the World. 1 year course. Processwork UK,

  • Your Dreams, Body and Dreambody’s Message for our World. Arnold and Amy Mindell,  Jung Club, London, 

  • Dreams and Dreaming, Processwork South West, 

  • Leadership and Facilitation: All Our Relations, Processwork South West

  • Various art, printmaking and children’s book illustration short courses, Korky Paul;  London / Oxford Printmakers

  • Various Astrological short courses, Centre for Psychological Astrology; Faculty of Astrological Studies

  • Art Foundation, Central St Martins, 

  • BA (hons) French Studies with Italian Subsidiary, UCL

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