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Who am I, and how did I get here?  Coaching, Creativity, Enchantment.....

A  sense of enchantment has always been very important to me. As a child, I had the strongest feeling, that there were hidden forces beyond our physical world - magical beings and invisible spirits - which inspired and delighted me, and which I felt most strongly in the natural world. Besides this, I loved to draw and was encouraged in this, even winning an art scholarship to Oakham School to study for my A’ levels. In the end I decided to opt for the safer subject of French at university: I got spooked, perhaps, worrying about being ‘good’ at art, and the fear of failing, but art never left me. Later I undertook an art foundation course at Central St Martins on day release from my first proper job, and I have come back to art time and again, especially now.


I have simply always had my feet in more than one camp.

As someone always drawn to self-reflection I started using writing (diaries, journals) ) as a way of making sense of the world in my early teens. Blessed with parents who had more than a passing interest in Jungian psychology (and other more exotic practices such as tarot and astrology), I turned to these deeply engaging ideas to sustain me. They still do!

Environmental issues and concerns coloured my thoughts of what I wanted to do in the world once I graduated,  but as a humanities student I felt unqualified in this. My young husband had no such qualms, setting us up in a not for profit intended to save the rainforests, but necessity and family beckoned and our not-for-profit, Global Thinking Ltd, went on the back burner.

By my mid twenties I had two small children and was fulfilling various part time roles, before eventually committing to be an artist. I was represented by a gallery, and able to sell original paintings for good money. But the income was unsteady, while all the best paintings sold, never to be seen again, and the rest were a storage problem. A ‘proper’ job finally beckoned, and I entered the field of sustainable business, serving my interest in what had always felt, to me, like the most important debate of our time.

My work today is inspired by all these interests, and creativity remains my number one healing and joyful activity, and an essential part of my life. Besides this, it is my deep feeling that in order to heal the world, we need also to heal ourselves, and I bring this conviction to bear through my coaching, my workshops and my own self-healing activities.

Today my two children are grown up, and I live with my husband, our cat and our one remaining lockdown chicken in South Oxfordshire.

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About me: List

Selected  studies

  • Accredited Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching. Wise Goose Coaching.

  • MSc Sustainability and Responsibility, Ashridge Business School

  • Jungian Psychotherapy, personal analysis 200+ hours 2008-2014

  • Various Jungian Lectures,  Guild of Analytical Psychology; Oxford Jungian Lectures, 2009-2021

  • The Body, Psychotherapy and the World. 1 year course. Processwork UK,

  • Your Dreams, Body and Dreambody’s Message for our World. Arnold and Amy Mindell,  Jung Club, London, 

  • Dreams and Dreaming, Processwork South West, 

  • Leadership and Facilitation: All Our Relations, Processwork South West

  • Various art, printmaking and children’s book illustration short courses, Korky Paul;  London / Oxford Printmakers

  • Various Astrological short courses, Centre for Psychological Astrology; Faculty of Astrological Studies

  • Art Foundation, Central St Martins, 

  • BA (hons) French Studies with Italian Subsidiary, UCL,

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