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If my newest love is coaching, my oldest love is art! I’m smitten with creativity - the way it works, the joy it brings, and the way it spreads more creativity in its wake. Its catching! It can be a little hard to get to a place of confident creative expression, of course, and that is where coaching is so helpful. Certainly it's taken me a lot of years to come to a place where I can really stand by my work, and my path in the world,  Today, creativity takes an ever more important role in my life. I'm delighted to share some of my work here- I hope you enjoy it!

Krys'n'Dom and the Cleft of Destiny

Forget what you think you may know of the medieval histories and prepare yourselves, as much as you can, for an evening of the truest fictions; dragons and flagons, assassins and shenanigans, lusts, thrusts and disgusts. Yes, it’s good to finally learn the truths of crusty peasants as we begin our Quest for the Cleft of Destiny’.'

This is a recent project  - drawing scenery for medieval comedy 'Krys'n'Dom and the Quest for the Cleft of Destiny,' written by  Mark Manley, and Paul Denial with the assistance of Mick Rowe and Christine Hoyland, performed 24th March 2023. '


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