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What is the unique creative thread running through your life?
We are all creative beings!
Whether you choose to express that creativity through the making of art or through the art of living, my workshops will help you feel a stronger connection to your own creative sources, find greater confidence in your life path and experience greater joy in your self expression.


​"Your creativity workshop was one of few, genuine life-changing experiences for me, in the sense of a change in trajectory where the divergence in path is only obvious in hindsight, or indeed a seed whose rewards are reaped some time after the planting.

Cognitive Codebreaker, London


No events at the moment

Courses Testimonial

"I feel, kind of, invincible to be honest and empowered.The creative activities adorn my walls and my mind."

Actor, Presenter and Film-maker Pennines

Why do I work with creativity?

Got some questions?

"It helped to crystallise some ideas I'd been having but hadn't put together coherently.I thoroughly enjoyed the session and found it gentle and illuminating. There was no judgement just an exploration of ideas and approaches to creativity."

Osteopath and Artist, North Yorkshire

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