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Coaching Testimonials

I found the sessions with Helen very deep and transformative. I feel that when Helen uses her coaching and Processwork skills the sessions are very powerful.

Coaching client

After the last 2 sessions I gained lots of insight. I felt very centred and connected with my higher self.

Coaching client

Helen's coaching has cultivated a clarity and confidence in my work that is most significant. A combination of valuing myself and my expertise, backed up with practical tools to be effective and discern what works for me and the world, has resulted in an increased sense of empowerment and ability to enjoy the projects I work with.

Coaching client

Creativity Coaching Testimonials

Yesterday’s session was wonderful, thank you so much, I really enjoyed it. I felt like parts of me I often ignore were opened up. I actually gained some insight while doing the free fall writing! It left me feeling happy and inspired.

Business Owner
Workshop attendee

It was really good and I gained much more from it than I thought I would. It’s led to a lot of reflection. It can be applied to many educational settings.

Senior Lecturer
Workshop attendee

Where a lot of creativity workshops and courses are about troubleshooting "blocks", this felt much more optimistic and hands-on, showing people that their creativity is always available, and that there are so, so many (easy! and fun!) ways to play and dance with it.

Workshop attendee

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Credentials and Methodology 


I am a Coach, a Processworker and a Creative, with a  background in Art, Business Operations and Human Resources. I have studied with Wise Goose Coaching (Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring), Processwork UK (The Body, Psychotherapy and the World, one year course) and have an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility from Ashridge Business School. I have undertaken over 200 hours of Jungian psychotherapy.

I am a linguist and happy to work with clients in Spanish or French.

Coaching Methodology

I offer a blend of positive mindset coaching and Processwork to support people at times of change - or when change is sought - often at pivotal moments of life whether these be times of gain or loss, joy or sadness;  possibility, success or challenge. 

My brand of coaching is grounded in the here and now, the present and future, focussing on your strengths, and using powerful positive psychology to help you realise your potential.

Processwork brings additional tools for uncovering insights concealed in difficulty and ambivalence, whether in in external circumstances, relationship, groups and even world issues. ‘Processwork’ is a new term to many people, but some people may have met some of its practices in other walks of life such as Gestalt / embodied coaching.

Processwork in coaching extends out our usual ways of knowing to include imagination, body symptoms, dreams and our environment, giving these more marginalised internal and external voices a hearing and stake in our lives, often with deeply healing results.


I am an artist too and for me, creativity is a way of life. I truly believe we are all creative. For me, creativity is drawing, painting, poetry and writing, for you it may be dance, song or baking. Whatever it is, that thread runs in all of us and is waiting to be tapped into, to help heal us and our world.

While I no longer exhibit my work, I have included some of my pictures on these pages.

Absrtact Feb 2020 cropped.JPG


Introductory coaching conversation: free of charge

60 minute coaching session: £60

Block of 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions £200

Play Ethic Creativity workshop taster session: free of charge

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Play Ethic Creativity three day workshop: £205 including materials

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For bespoke workshops, group coaching and workshop facilitation, please contact me

Get in Touch
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11, Nalder Green,
East Challow
OX12 9WE

+44 (0) 7824 698467

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