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If my newest love is coaching, my oldest love is art! I’m smitten with creativity - the way it works, the joy it brings, and the way it spreads more creativity in its wake. Its catching! We don’t need to be artists to be creative either: some of the most creative people I know are focussed, instead, on the art of living - and that way is open to us all, at all times


It can be a little hard to get there of course, and that is where coaching is so helpful. Certainly it's taken me a lot of years to come to a place where I can really stand by my work, and my path in the world, and in helping others find that place, I am deeply fed.

The gallery on this page shares my creative work, old and new! I hope you enjoy it!


An audio visual improvisation of ‘Lost’, a poem by Jessica Begg (1968-2011) published in A Bird in the Hand (2018). ‘Lost’ is an exploration of life and the experience of walking in this world, written by a teenage Jessica. Helen Tyrrell: narration and illustration Stuart Boardman: soprano saxophone and video compilation

Gallery : Video

The Nine

A musical/visual exploration of a short extract from Ngūgī wa Thiongo's epic poem The Perfect Nine*, his re-imagining of the origin story of the Gīkūyū people of Kenya. Narration and illustration by Helen Tyrrell. Percussion and keyboards by Dave Swanson Soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and video assembly by Stuart Boardman More on the book at​ and​ *Copyright Ngūgī wa Thiong’o 2020

Gallery : Video


Gallery : Gallery


These are publications I have created or collaborated to create in recent years. 

To inquire about or purchase any of these books please contact me.

Gallery : Gallery

Some of my older artwork from the days when I was professional can be seen here. 

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