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Solstice Salutations

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Ah! Christmas! Does it come around too quickly for you? Or did you (like me this year!) sneak up some lights in late November? Does it feel like a chance to take your foot off the pedal, breathe, and simply enjoy yourself for a bit, or just another organisational burden?

I find this time of year good for reflection – the best! The cold, dark days encourage me to slow down, hole up, and look back at the last year, mulling what to take forward into next year and what to leave behind. One nice surprise for me in 2022, has been how both creativity and my own my art have stayed central to my coaching practice and my wellbeing after so many years in the background. I’m dreaming of more of that next year!

The image on this communication is my own ‘Christmas Stag’ – a bearer of creative gifts for us all, I hope, not just for Christmas but for the whole year ahead! In 2023 I have three workshops running to help you tap into your own highly creative threads, including two one-day workshops running onsite at Hawkwood College in Stroud, UK, and in Oxfordshire, as well as my longer, ‘Deeper Play’ online workshop, for following your creative dreaming over a longer period. Or perhaps you are ready to explore your dreaming in one-to-one coaching? If so, you know where I am! I now work locally as well as online.

For now, I’d simply like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023! It’s been great connecting with you in 2022 and I hope 2023 brings you all the things you wish for.

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